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September 2014

At last.  It's been more than a decade since I've had the time to do any updates to the site. Following the move to Tucson, I've finally starting to find some time to get back into my research. And there's big news:


It's the wrong William!!  But still, there's some very interesting new information here, which may help lead us to the right William.



January 2001
 Finally uploaded a new DekeWorld photo. Christmas 2000.

The story of William "The Deserter" Kentfield shortened to save Web space.  Ten megabytes goes fast.

New photos from Fairfax - the remains of Benjamin Kenfield's1847 sawmill.

July 2000Still haven't gotten the new DekeWorld photo added. Patience!

Added a new page on George "The Elder" Kentfield: Soldier of the Revolution.  This is a work in progress and will be expanded and updated.

The complete record of the court martial of William Kentfield in 1700 is now on the site - minus a few words I couldn't decipher.

Kenfield tree updated.  New cousins!April 2000DekeWorld has moved - no longer in Manhattan.  But the new photo is yet to come.

Since TheDekessa's grandaughter isn't quite so new any more, she's no longer featured up front.  But still a prime tourist attraction in Eastern Tennesee!

January 2000Well, the Millenium changed (don't get me started on "it's really next year" -- it is and it isn't, OK?) with nary a hiccup at DekeWorld.

New info added on George "The Elder" Kentfield's first sawmill, now the earliest Kenfield sawmill known.

More new info on George Royce Kenfield's World War I service - another sawmill story courtesy of an obscure but wonderful source.

And yet another sawmill source - the Robinson Mill in Calais, the oldest existing sawmill in Vermont.
 December 1999More Kenfield descendants added.  Both family trees updated.

New JAGO contacts through the Internet in England.  Additional clues for tracing the New Brunswick Jagos back to County Cork.

I've started maintaining a list of Kenfield email addresses -- email TheDeke if you'd like to hear about the latest news as it happens.