TheDekessa's Family

She was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.  Her family arrived there from Ireland.

Or so we thought!

It turns out that --

          One set of great-grandparents were from New Brunswick, Canada.  Before that, this Canadian branch was indeed from County Cork, Ireland.

          One branch is from the Isle of Man.  Where's that, you say?  In the Irish Sea, between England and Ireland.   Look here.

          One grandmother eluded us for almost two years.  We found four different surnames for her in different records.  Finally got her - and maybe the explanation for the mystery.  Check out her parents' ages when she was born: Gertrude LAMPARD

          TheDekessa has one confirmed Mayflower ancestor:  Thomas ROGERS  And she may have three more: Francis COOKE, Richard WARREN and William WHITE.  But those connections all go through a problematic marriage in Rhode Island around 1750. If it comes out one way, then her ninth-great-grandfather Peregrine WHITE was born aboard the Mayflower in Provincetown Harbor.

         Another Canadian branch (from Connecticut, no less - check out the New England Planters) featured a lighthouse keeper in  Horton, Nova Scotia : Charles RATHBUN.

          At last, we did find one branch that came directly from Ireland: Patrick RYANBut from where in Ireland?  It's the eighth most common name there, and we have no clue. So here are her  SURNAME LIST and her  List of Individuals.   And here's TheDekessa herself.

A word about SOURCES:

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